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marko May 17th, 2021 08:46 AM

Face twitching in cats
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Hi everyone - Hoping someone might have some advice.

It's a few weeks that we've noticed Yoda's face twitching.
It's a twitch on one side only. he doesn't do it all the time - but it's concerning.

As for background - Yoda is about 3 years old - male neutered Sphynx.
Here's a shot of him in mid-twitch.

Any thoughts?


hazelrunpack May 18th, 2021 05:05 PM

Is it more of a quick grimace or does he hold the expression for a bit? Could it be a sore tooth or maybe an ear infection? JD is just getting over an ear infection and he was making faces like that when it was bothering him--not a quick twitch, but making a face and holding the expression for a few seconds....

marko May 19th, 2021 09:58 AM

Thx Hrp - But, actually it looks like a repetitive nervous twitch.
As though he keeps trying to smell something involuntarily on one side of his face only. It looks like a face spasm.

But it only happens occasionally :shrug:

thx for any additional insight!

hazelrunpack May 22nd, 2021 08:37 AM

Are you able to get a video of it for the vet?

marko May 27th, 2021 09:22 AM

We already have it and will show it next visit for sure!

growler~GateKeeper June 4th, 2021 11:55 PM

Be interesting to see what the vet says, I've not seen a facial twitch before, Lilly has hyperesthesia which results in twitching along her back.

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