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Daisysdad April 22nd, 2018 06:42 AM

Problems with Purina Fancy Feast?
Problems with Purina Fancy Feast??
Do you feed your cat Fancy Feast?
Have they recently started refusing it?
I have been feeding our baby FF for years, in fact she will only eat Grilled Turkey in gravy.
However she is now outright refusing the product. At first Purina denied changing the formulation,
but yesterday they admitted to me that there had been a 'realignment' of ingredients. Whatever that means.
We all know how sensitive cats are when there is something wrong with their food and this gives me some concern.
Is the product just suddenly unpalatable, or is there something to be concerned about here.
We all know the problems when your mainstay food for your baby is suddenly not available to you.
This is bad enough, but I'm worried that this change is in fact harmful in any way.
The change seems to have come about during the production of Fancy Feast with a best before date of 2019 onward.....
I know of no recall situation, please feel free to contact me if you doubt the authenticity of this.
If your cat has suddenly been refusing this product, I would advise you to contact Purina. Contact details on their web site.
Please delete if not allowed.

marko April 22nd, 2018 07:42 AM

If you are looking for an alternative food to feed kitty - Feel free to ask here.

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