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cpietra16 December 10th, 2013 09:39 AM

Kitty Whisperers needed....
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This family (minus the grey one...she has a kitty whisperer) was rescued and sterilized in September. Steri-animal was going to release them back in their colony. However putting this little family back in their colony meant certain death (by car, poison, or local pound who still use the gas chambers). We are desperately looking for people to help socialize this family. The mother is very young and we hope she will come around. However, we would like to seperate the mother from the babies so that the babies do not pick up her "feral" ways. If this can not be done we will have no choice but return them to their colony. I found someone to socialize and adopt the little grey one (her name is now Tuli). THe orange one (Prince Harry/Harry for short) and the black and white one (ShortStop-because of her short legs) need someone who is patient to help them trust humans..this can take up to a month or two. Kittens can be seperated for this to work. Having a cat in the house can simplify the socialization.
The calico (mom) needs a "cat whisperer" who has an adult friendly cat who can show her that humans are ok....please pass this along as we are desperate not to lose this family to the street or the gas chambers...we can help by providing food. All are healthy/sterilized/ dewormed. thank you

diandpat December 10th, 2013 11:31 AM

I can't believe there has been no help :cry: I have posted several times on my Facebook. I so wish I could help, I really do. We have a full house :cry: Will post again on my Facebook. You are such a good soul. I know this has weighed heavy on your heart. Good luck. I live on the west island of Montreal but will gladly help with transportation if anyone can help. Please!!!!

14+kitties December 10th, 2013 11:07 PM

I so wish I could help out. I am more than full at the moment though. I have shared your posting a couple of times on FB through diandpat. Hardly on pets sites anymore anywhere. I'll keep sharing. Good luck!

Love4himies December 11th, 2013 06:47 AM

Awww, crap, Cpietra, I wish I could help, but with Puddles being so sick I just can't.

I hope you find somebody who can take her in. :fingerscr:goodvibes::pray:

Longblades December 11th, 2013 08:06 AM

I wish I could help too. I've had three ferals in here and two came around very, very well. I've still got two of them and one is very jealous of other cats so no more kittens for us till I can set up a place to separate them. And then if I do, sadly, there are more than enough ferals, strays and dumpees in our village, I don't have to go far looking.

A note to give you all a laugh. My OH and a neighbour lady are putting out food for some ferals. A month or so ago he got a good look at one. Black and white. Guess where the white is? Yep, it's a stripe. :rolleyes:

cpietra16 December 11th, 2013 09:02 PM

Thank you guys . I know that if anyone could help it would be you guys . I just have to come to terms that I can not save them all . They will be happier outside even if it will be short lived ..which I hope it is not . They are not happy behind the enclosure that I gave out up between the living room and the dining room .

cpietra16 August 28th, 2014 11:18 AM

UPDATE; I did not have the heart to put them back outside. the area where they were picked up was dangerous and unpredictable. Anyway, the little boys are in foster and are doing amazingly well. Arthur (Arty-orange ) purrs and loves to be with other cats and is comfortable with his foster mom. Shortstop (back and white) is a little more timid but coming along .
Hope (calico) is the mom and she has come a long way. from Hissing and snapping, she is now comfortable with her foster parent...but still considered semi-feral.
We have a potential place for her to go to but waiting for an answer.
If all goes well I need to get her to Ontario. I am not sure when this will happen (hope this weekend..but not sure yet). Would anyone be able to help with this trip..meeting halfway, I get more detail I will come back and share.
This has been a long journey for this little family, but I hope it will have a happy ending for all of them.
The little gray one (named Tuli) is doing well. She plays with her human mom only when human mom is asleep...go figure!!!
Anyway that was an update on our little family.

hazelrunpack August 28th, 2014 03:49 PM

Bless you for sticking with this little family, cpietra! Good luck with the transport! :thumbs up Wish I were on the route--would love to meet Hope!

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