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flames9 April 30th, 2012 10:19 PM

HELP from Nicaragua!!! Neutering
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Hello, a fellow Canuck living for awhile here in Managua Nicaragua. Place where I work has 2 dogs. I volunteered to take them in to get spayed and neutered. They were born in Sept 2011 and are your typical Nicaraguan mutt! Saddest thing here in Nica is the poverty, which brings with it MANY stray, starving dogs!

The girl seemed to weather the sapying no problem today! The male appears to be in a lot more pain. Surgery was around 11:30 and we picked them up around 4 pm!

The girl has peed but the male still has not. He barely even wants to walk! I gave them pain meds. Both have ate a bit, the female has has drank more than the male. He didnt have any water till nearly 7:30 pm. It is now 9:15pm, still not peeing.

Attached is a pic of his swollen "balls" area! I have had males in the past, but not in a good 10 yrs, so not sure if the appearance is normal or not. And luck would have it--tomorrow is a Nica holiday (Labor day)

Hopefully he wil feel better soon. I just recall with my last male (a sheltie) when I brought home he wanted to play fetch. So I was expected this male to be in a lot better shape than he is in now! He does close his eyes and appear to be sleeping. His heart rate is a lot faster than the females!

I do have the vets cell phone, so hopefully he answers it tomorrow if things do not improve!!


Choochi April 30th, 2012 11:18 PM

There can some times be some bruising and all dogs respond different after surgery. Some act like nothing happened, some take it much harder. Keep an eye on him and maybe check with the vet in the morning.

flames9 May 1st, 2012 08:43 AM


He di dend up peeing---while he was fast asleep on the floor. Then he immediately went outside (with my insistence) and he peed again! Still doesn't want to walk, but his heart rate has come down a lot. Slept inside last night in a cage. Hopefully today will be a better day.

Their home is at a school. Not much of a home, its a dirt enclosure that does have a cement pad with a tin roof overhead to give some protection from the weather. But the enclosure is going to be 1 big mudd pitt soon with the rainy season fast approaching! As bad as it sounds, its probably a better lifer than the majority of Nica dogs who just wander around going thru garbage for food.

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