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MouSer November 21st, 2014 06:04 AM

Prescription Foods Canada
[FONT="Garamond"]Hey there!
I am having a tough time finding foods that are either 1. in Canada or 2. ship here.
My Senior just will not eat the prescription ones from her Vet and I was hoping to try out the [U]Purina NF Kidney[/U] feline formula as I am reading that many cats who will not eat others, like this one and will eat it. I really have had no luck with trying out Kidney-specific foods with her in the past. The food she is eating now is top quality (probably moreso than the commerical Kidney-specific ones) but I do need to try and transition as her acidosis is becoming problematic.
Anyway, any suggestions or directions would be greatly appreciated at this time. Thanks. [/FONT]:ca:

Barkingdog November 21st, 2014 12:39 PM


I found this we site , I am not sure if it can help you or not .

Longblades November 21st, 2014 06:23 PM

You can get kidney support supplements from your Vet to mix in with her regular food. My cats were not keen on eating it and I gave up on the whole thing. However my cats were elderly and in early stage kidney failure and they really didn't need special food. They lived to good old ages without special food. It depends why you need it. A couple of members here are quite experienced with kidney diets for cats, hope they see this and chime in.

MouSer November 21st, 2014 07:19 PM

prescription/Purina NF
Thanks very much the replies. :D
BarkingDog, I just may use that site in the future although they do not have Prescription foods.
Longblades, I appreciate your advice. Basically that is what I have been doing for about two years with supplementation. I really would rather transition to Prescription though cause she is early Stage 3 and is experiencing Metabolic Acidosis. (the vet does not want to go with alkalization therapy yet) So, I just would like to at least try what is out there and see where we get with it. So far, I haven't gotten too far ahead at all cause it is better for her to eat what she likes (very high sodium foods) than turn her nose up at things and not go eating for days. Seniors are stubborn.
I am also using Tanya's CRF food charts to go through foods and experiment to see what she might eat or not. So very useful!

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