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troy lair October 4th, 2018 06:12 PM

13 month old Yorkie, New Behavior/ODD!
Ok, so I adopted this puppy yorkie about six months ago. He is the love of my life, Logan is his name. But recently, this is what has started occurring:(excitement definitely triggers the condition)

Upon excitement, like me being at work and coming home he gets very excited. Then he goes into some type of neurological demise. His body contracts to one side, the muscles. He begins to scratch at his ears and will not stop. he throws his left or right side leg over his head and moves it down onto and over his face. Screams like he is in pain, possible from scratching his ear nonstop. I first thought it was an ear infection. Negative. I then thought maybe he had a flea in his ear, negative. After he has one of these episodes, he immediately goes to the water bowl and drinks an enormous amount of water. Then just as quick as it happened, he snaps out of it just as fast as he went into the episode. I have looked at him neurologically and found nothing notable. I was a nurse by trade and looked for signs of neuro-like pupil dilations, TIA s/s, I have tried baby aspirin for puppies. The vet thought epilepsy, so we started phenobarbitol, it still occurred. i am at my last strand of hope in finding what is going on. Do you think he needs a CT of the head? please help.

hazelrunpack October 4th, 2018 10:52 PM

Since it seems to be sort of predictable, could you get a video of it? You might be able to get a second opinion from a veterinary neurologist on the basis of the video. He might not be able to diagnose from the video, but likely he could tell you whether an appointment with a specialist might be in order.

I know how worrisome it is when a pup has an unknown problem. I hope you get some answers about Logan soon!

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