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myintuition August 31st, 2020 04:33 PM

Chewing Leg
I have a dog that keeps chewing its leg. I have put a bandage on the wound and it heals. Then I take the bandage off and as soon as I turn my back he chews it until it bleeds again.
It is always the same spot.
And this has been going on for about 2 months.

So it does heal with a bandage.
Same spot.


hazelrunpack September 1st, 2020 07:43 AM

Have you had it looked at by a vet? There may be an identifiable underlying cause -- something embedded under the skin, localized pain, irritation or itching from a skin condition, allergies...all of these could be causing targeted chewing like that. Until you can figure out why the chewing happens, it'll be difficult to treat.

shriekcurliness September 29th, 2020 01:28 AM

This is pretty scary. I hope your dog's vet will be able to figure out the cause. :(

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