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Luc May 25th, 2020 03:44 PM

Minwi's eyes
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I have a 10 month old female black kitten name Minwi with 2 color eye. But lately one of them seems to be turning blue.
( Vet cleared):thumbs up
I am not worried about, actually love it and very curious.

hazelrunpack May 26th, 2020 07:21 AM

Wow, that [I]is[/I] pretty cool! One of our cats, JD, has one gold eye and one blue eye, but he came that way (he was a stray). Minwi is stunning! :lovestruck:

marko May 26th, 2020 09:11 AM

Cutie for sure!!:highfive:
Love the eye close up - such a good lookin Kitty!

growler~GateKeeper July 5th, 2020 09:26 PM

Pretty girl :cat: It's quite common for green eyed cats to have some orange or blue in the iris. One of my cats has yellow eyes that change to amber/orange and back to yellow depending on the light refraction. Good to hear your vet has cleared her medically.

shriekcurliness September 29th, 2020 01:53 AM

I liked the eye color combination. I wish I will have either cat or dog get different eye colors too!

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