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raemei April 13th, 2017 04:10 PM

Inside vs Outside Cats
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I love when cats can enjoy the outdoors in a safe environment. Unfortunately, more times than not cats do not have access to a safe area outside... I've talked to a lot of people who get SO angry with me when I talk about the use of "cat doors" as they immediately assume I'm talking about letting cats outside to get eaten by wild animals, hit by cars, or otherwise injured/killed (as if that was my intention?).

No, I do not blindly advocate for all cats to be released into the dangerous outside world. But neither will I advocate for cats to be kept inside their entire lives, never allowed to enjoy the simple pleasures of sunshine, wind, and fresh air.

I don't understand how catios are not more popular. The more I talk about my cat's catio the more I understand how so many people have never even considered this as a possibility! Why not let our indoor cats enjoy both the safety of the home and the joys of the outside?

Do you have a catio? What is your opinion on the matter?

Thank you! :cat:

Barkingdog April 13th, 2017 07:29 PM

When I had cats I would let them outside , one cat I had would come home smelling like he been sitting next a fire . My cat was going to a neighbor's house to visit her and sit in front of her fireplace ! My neighbor told me she enjoyed my cat company . If I had a cat and the room I would love to have a catios but there are too ticks here and I would hate have to use something on cat to keep fleas and tick off.

marko April 14th, 2017 07:40 AM

really safe enclosures are a good idea for cats imo.

hazelrunpack April 14th, 2017 01:59 PM

I've been trying to come up with a design for JD. So far, we do have a screened in porch on the shed that he can run free in, but it can't be accessed from the house--I either have to carry him out there, or put on his harness and lead. Would love to make a covered, elevated walkway leading from the back of the house out to the porch! :thumbs up However, considering my limited carpentry experience, that's probably not going to happen. :o

Barkingdog April 14th, 2017 04:02 PM

This looks really cool for cats !


Longblades April 16th, 2017 11:17 AM

WE'd like to build one and let the 5 inside only cats outside. All my cats have been in and out up till a few years ago. Now one is in and out and one is always out because she's still pretty wary, even after five winters with us, warm in our garage.

But you know what I've found? Over many years? The boys roam, fight, get into trouble no matter how young you neuter them. The girls seem much more safety conscious and stick around our yard. We do spay, sometimes not so early, witness kittens we've had since they were 9 days old. But that's because all our cats just show up here. Well really, I think neighbours plant them in our yard. But whatever, they come to us as outside cats and it's hard to convince them to stay in and hard on them as life outside is immeasureably a richer life.

hazelrunpack April 16th, 2017 11:37 AM

That's my main reason for wanting some sort of secure outdoor area for JD--the outside environment is just so much richer! There's no way we can match it with an indoor area.

But there are so many dangers here--predators, both 4-footed and avian, that could easily take a 6-lb cat; two taverns in town that make for lots of drunken speeders on the road in front of the house; and the list goes on.

So I'd like a covered, secure area for him....but then I wonder about winter. Last fall, he got occasional walks in the basement yard on leash and harness but we had to stop that in fall when he had surgery and needed to wear a cone for a few weeks till his back healed. :( By the time he was good to go again, the yard was essentially snowed in. Must've been pretty boring for him by comparison.

I don't want him making a break for freedom every time someone opens the door, but I was thinking maybe some sort of covered walkway with access through a cat-door from an inside wall or window might be okay. He wouldn't associated the door with freedom so much? And maybe not wait at the door for his chance?

But, as I say, my carpentry skills are nil, so probably not in his future, anyway. :o

Lynne&Co. April 16th, 2017 09:02 PM

Love the catio :goodvibes: My kitty seems to be quite happy watching from the windows with an occasional supervised venture out onto the deck. No time or talent to build a catio. :shrug:
Tigger is almost 13 and has never had outdoor freedom so I'm hoping he isn't missing out:confused:

raemei April 17th, 2017 04:20 PM

My catio is definitely not beautiful as I'm not the most skilled either haha! But the cats still love it and it is sturdy at least :) I have found that one of my cats has stopped trying to dart out the front door, but my other cat still tries it

hazelrunpack April 17th, 2017 05:12 PM

Lynne, if he's never been out, he likely doesn't know what he's missing! JD has had a taste of it, though, as he came to us out of the woods.

How big is your catio, raemei?

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